ACTM & Heal It are business partners

Allowing us to offer interested learners a chance to receive a chosen modality before signing onto our course.

We are fortunate to offer our students a starting space to work, were they can continue being guided by their original Master trainers giving them confidence until they feel comfortable to venture on their own.

Heal It’s Most Popular Services:

Bowen Therapy

30 MINUTES $70 •60 MINUTES $120

Bowen therapy involves a gentle, dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue manipulation which balances the body and stimulates energy flows. It’s a remedial massage therapy that can be used safely on anyone from neonates to the aged and immobile. These moves prompt the body to redress physical imbalances, retrieving cellular information of a preferred balanced way of being, promoting relief from pain and renewal of energy.

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30 MINUTES $70 • 60 MINUTES $100-120 • 90 MINUTES $140

At Heal it our practitioners offer a range of massages including:

Remedial, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Ka Huna and Pregnancy Massage.

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30 MINUTES $70 • 60 MINUTES $120-150

Counselling combines the use of various techniques depending on the qualifications of the practitioner.

See Our practitioners and their modalities:

Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, NLP, NRT, TimeLine and Somatic Therapy.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

60 MINUTES $120 *Treatment Packages available*

Heal It, has been offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the past 17 years .

Our large chamber is one of the biggest available to the general public. Allowing bookings from 1 to 5pp at a time.

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Ionic Foot Detox

1 PERSON $50 • TANDEM $70

Our top the range Ionic detox machine, allows you to select and target specific areas of the body.

Sessions can go from 30 minutes up to an hour. Depending on were you choose to target.

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Our Clinic has been around for 30 years!

And we offer a lot more services!

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For an appointment or information:

Please give us a call on 02 9566 1222 or head to our Online Booking by clicking the link below: